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ART: Transcend The Mind

What Is Art?

Art is the indescribable. It’s the essence of materializing something without the use of the mind, manifesting feelings and emotions onto some sort of medium. Art is something that can be heard and seen, but mostly felt. It captures something that transcends our mind and touches our heart, and it is all around us in nature.

Art has taken many forms throughout the years, and it has been used as a meditative and spiritual practice in many cultures. Though it has many functions and serves a variety of purposes, the most evident of its uses it to make our daily landscape beautiful and imaginative. With City murals and statues, graffiti, and even now the popular vehicle wraps, our cities landscapes are becoming a lot more alluring. Read Full Post…

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the disclusure project

The Disclosure Project

Are We Alone?

The question of other existences living beyond our earth has occupied the minds of humanity since as long as history has been recorded. Strange cliff drawings and ancient paintings suggest that man has always pondered his solidarity in the universe. Though there has been no global unveiling, there are small and large pockets of people throughout the world that contest to the idea that humans are not alone in the universe. Read Full Post…

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This space would be of little value if it did not address the biggest elephant in the room. The elephant that sits quietly in the corner as the world faces mass hysteria, destruction and a bleak future awaiting us, as greed and all its evils drive us hastily off the edge towards moral and physical death.

Sure that is a bit of bold statement, but the reality is the earth and its human inhabitants are need of some miraculous help. Not the prescribed help that has come in the form of psychiatrist and prescription medication. The latter doing its own fair share of damage and destruction. But help that comes in the form of addressing the root cause, and not another masking agent to cover up our psychological and physical blemishes. A solution that does not leave us at the mercy of anyone else, but something that can empower us to claim our lives, and not encourage us to wait dependently for everyone to take us off the cliff with them. Read Full Post…

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joe rogan

Joe Rogan

Joe Rogan may be the single most influential person amongst today’s spiritually inquisitive generation. Not because he sought that position out, but rather because the universe sought him out. Recently Joe was doing a phone interview from a Phoenix limousine, and had some of the most powerful things to say about today’s world. If you follow Joe, you know that he is an outspoken cat who likes to give his 2 cents about a lot of subjects, which is why I think so many people like him. Read Full Post…

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sensory deprivation

Sensory Deprivation

If your not familiar with sensory deprivation than keep reading. 

Sensory deprivation is an age old technique used to detach the mind from the many daily senses that typically fight for our attention and focus. Constantly on high alert (especially in today’s world), these senses pull and push the mind in all directions as they sense the world around them. From loud sirens, to the uncomfortable heat of your apartment, to the euphoric smell of your girlfriend. They all pull us away from our current thought and onto what ever sense we are perceiving.

What would happen is we were not perceiving any sense?

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It all started with sound

It is becoming common thought among certain scientists theses days that sound is the predecessor to matter. That objects are the way they are, and take the shape that they do, based on sound. That means sound actually assembles matter through its resonance. The study of this is subject is referred to as cymatics. There are wonderful videos out there that give you a visual of this process, and its rather astonishing, and I will bring you some of these videos in weeks to come. For this segment I wanted to first share with you the history of sound, and give you some context before you get consumed in the visuals. Read Full Post…

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Dr. Emoto

Water’s Message

If you are unfamiliar with Dr. Emoto, then let me spend a few minutes bringing you up to speed. Dr. Masaru Emoto is a japanese researcher who is most known for his work with water. He was curious to discover what, if any, effect positive and negative thoughts would have on water. Although not accepted by mainstream science, Emoto during his research came across paradigm altering findings. Not only did he find that thoughts, words and music have an effect on water, but they were out of this world. Read Full Post…

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Were going to start this off on the right foot here. Mediation may be the single most powerful thing you can do for yourself. So we want to begin all discussions that will manifest on this page with this single idea. All begins and ends with the mind – if you can learn to control it, you can control your destiny. Self responsibility at its finest. Read Full Post…

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Initial Words

Glad that you found invdocat, and glad that it found you. I hope your experience here is as meaningful as it is to us. invdochat is a culmination of interests, passion, exploration, and adventure. It may not seem like there is a rhyme, but there is a reason. Here at invdochat we want to bring you topics and ideas that stand out in our modern day. Things that are a little off the cuff, but ought to be directly in the lime light. We want to bring the focus of media away from distraction and onto interaction. Read Full Post…

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Nice to meet you.

Welcome to my new site. Stay tuned as I develop content for Invdochat and a great user experience for all of you!

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