the disclusure project

The Disclosure Project

Are We Alone?

The question of other existences living beyond our earth has occupied the minds of humanity since as long as history has been recorded. Strange cliff drawings and ancient paintings suggest that man has always pondered his solidarity in the universe. Though there has been no global unveiling, there are small and large pockets of people throughout the world that contest to the idea that humans are not alone in the universe.

Scientist have gone on recording stating how small the probability is that humans are alone in the universe, by quantifying the amount of potentially habitual planets outside our solar system. The number of planets within this “goldilocks” zone, meaning they are close enough to a star for warmth and energy, but far enough away to not get incinerated, is quite staggering. Scientist speculate that there could be millions of other planets similar to our own in the universe, with other potential intelligent species.

Though there has not been an major, unveilings or encounters on a large scale, there are those that speculate the existence and even ongoing presence of extraterrestrial life on earth. Challenging for most of us to comprehend, and outside our typical day-to-day pondering, extraterrestrial existence does demand some sort of serious investigation. Why you may ask does it deserve serious consideration? Because there are growing credible sources who are bearing witness to the phenomenon.

In 2013 a unique and unprecedented hearing took place to discuss and bring light to some unusual cases in regards to extraterrestrial encounters. Designed as a mock congressional hearing, with ex-congressmen organized as they would for any other serious subject, in order  to give the topic a fair and professional hearing. The hearing took place only a few blocks from where these types of hearings are, in the heart of Washington D.C., to illustrate how serious they are taking the matter, since of course, congress is unwilling to address this subject on their own accord.

The hearing went off without a glitch and brought some of the most reputable sources to the forefront of this conversation. With a culmination of ex-military generals and sergeants, government staff, NASA employees and other high profile guests sharing their stories and experiences, we are provided with some of the most riveting and revealing insights into the alien phenomenon. Hosted by Dr. Greer, a retired medical doctor, who now gives his time to the dissemination of government information regarding ufo’s and extraterrestrials.

Though there has not been a follow up of the citizen hearing quite yet, the aftermath of the event has certainly open the door for a larger and more reputable discussion on the existence of extraterrestrials, and their apparent presence here on earth. To learn more about the hearing check out and listen to the most credible testimonials on the supposed extraterrestrial presence here on earth.

Regardless of the conclusion its nice to see that segments of the population are fighting to have what they believe to be a serious topic addressed. Although the government has not publicly acknowledged this subject, Dr. Greer and the disclosure project are doing a great job to get their attention.

The universe is far more fascinating then meets the eye, and the more we allow ourselves to be open to, the more opportunity we have to learn and grow.



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