ART: Transcend The Mind

What Is Art?

Art is the indescribable. It’s the essence of materializing something without the use of the mind, manifesting feelings and emotions onto some sort of medium. Art is something that can be heard and seen, but mostly felt. It captures something that transcends our mind and touches our heart, and it is all around us in nature.

Art has taken many forms throughout the years, and it has been used as a meditative and spiritual practice in many cultures. Though it has many functions and serves a variety of purposes, the most evident of its uses it to make our daily landscape beautiful and imaginative. With City murals and statues, graffiti, and even now the popular vehicle wraps, our cities landscapes are becoming a lot more alluring.





Nature Is Art.

Nature has always had this alluring effect, but we have certainly dulled its beauty over the years with our large and somewhat mundane cities. Thankfully the creative and vibrant personalities amongst us have begun to shine up the dreary and heartless cities with art and personality. Boring brick walls suddenly become a canvass for a masterpiece to serve as inspiration for all future passer byes.

By no means are we advocating for graffiti, but are merely reflecting on the power and beauty of art in our industrial cities. In many ways it appears to be the human spirit shinning through the modern society, and cascading our timeless limitless creative expression.

We were all born to be creators, which is why we cherish birth so much, since it is the highest form of creation possible (creation of another being). Art is another one of those creations that we deeply cherish, especially for its capacity to translate such deep meanings. It’s a form of creation that lets our internal and thoughtless mind reflect into the material world around us.

Art seems to unfold in its most organic form without the use of the mind, opposite of what many may think. The mind typically stunts the creative process rather than enhance it. This is why many artists commonly practice the art of calming the mind through meditation. By doing so they disconnect from the egoic mind that is tied to what others may think of the art, and any identification the artist may have with the art, and just allows the artists to flow, absent of any restraining thoughts that can occasionally flood the mind. No thoughts like “maybe it should look like this or that” and rather an entire presence in what feeling is trying to be presented.

For many of us who occupy a very mind-dominated occupation, it is difficult to relinquish our over bearing thoughts, which could allow us us to reach our highest creative potential. In fact our mind often dilutes or dismantles our creativity all together, which is very unnatural. This is why many lash out at this mind dominated society that is so concerned with numbers, facts, and statistics, with irrational art that has no bearing, and sometimes makes no sense to our minds. Yet, regardless of how little sense the art may make, if it is done well, it is greatly appreciated by all who see it.

Nature is similar to this. We can’t necessarily put words to why nature is beautiful, it just is. It’s hard to rationalize why the sunrise cascading it’s rich color variations over the cold mountain tops is so beautiful, it just is. There is no formula for what makes art beautiful, and no words to accurately describe it, it just it.

Everything is vibration 

Science has proven to us that everything is vibration, and has a vibration, including emotions. So you could say that artists tap into the emotion that they are trying to emulate. If they hold that vibration long enough they can depict that feeling accurately and beautifully through their art. The science of cymatics  allows us to visualize the idea that everything is vibration and what sort of implications art can have on the vibration of its environment.

Beyond putting a smile on someones face, art can actually transform the vibration of the environment it occupies. Just as Dr. Emoto has shown us the effects words can have on water, art can have similar effects on its environment. There is a reason people are happier it artistic cities like Portland and San Francisco, the actual vibration of the city is different do to the art that inhabits its city walls.

There is still a lot of research to be done on this subject. However it is difficult to argue with the benefits of art, and its timeless relationship with human condition. Though we may not be able to articulate all of its benefits in words, the benefits are evident to our timeless being. No matter how we do it, we should all contribute to the world with art and showcase our creative expression. Whether its art in your home, in your city, on your car or on your body, share it, and embrace it.

Stay Artistic Baby. 





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