This space would be of little value if it did not address the biggest elephant in the room. The elephant that sits quietly in the corner as the world faces mass hysteria, destruction and a bleak future awaiting us, as greed and all its evils drive us hastily off the edge towards moral and physical death.

Sure that is a bit of bold statement, but the reality is the earth and its human inhabitants are need of some miraculous help. Not the prescribed help that has come in the form of psychiatrist and prescription medication. The latter doing its own fair share of damage and destruction. But help that comes in the form of addressing the root cause, and not another masking agent to cover up our psychological and physical blemishes. A solution that does not leave us at the mercy of anyone else, but something that can empower us to claim our lives, and not encourage us to wait dependently for everyone to take us off the cliff with them.

unbeknownst to many, a solution similar to what I have just described exist. Something that can help relinquish our psychological baggage that contributes to depression, addiction, hate and any ill feelings that result from an unbalanced mental state. Something that help with our bleak trajectory as a society that heads towards idealizing the vain, and heartless aspects of reality, and pushes many into psychologically depleted states. Despite the attempts by modern Western civilization to create solutions that can fulfill the hardships that the masses face financially and emotionally, little to no success has been recorded. In fact, most benchmark statistics that can be associated with well being indicate a mass unsettlement. In the economic sector, inequality rates have sky rocketed to a rate that has left a large section of the population resenting the 1% of the population who own over 90% of the wealth. Along with that, depression rates have spiked as well as addiction, leaving a good segment of the population unhappy in their life.

I’m not saying the world is a nothing but misery, in fact I believe there is an abundance of positivity in pockets of the world unrelated to income levels. However I believe as a whole there is a psychological deterioration that is leading to poorer and poorer decision making by the masses. Which includes poorer eating choices, poorer habits, and more vices. The available food, drugs and entertainment that is made widely avaialbable is certainly not helping the situation but it is stems deeper than that. Many of us are covering up who we are, and how feel regularly, we harbor emotions and feelings that we do not freely express and they sit stagnant in us, contributing to host of psychological disease. Though I may be getting ahead of myself in saying this is a large scale problem, I don’t think I’m far off. The way that the world is transpiring suggest that we have a diluting or rather deteriorating mass psyche that is vulnerable to more sickness, more anger, and more sadness.

Before I get too off topic I want to come back to what the hell I was getting at in the first place…ayahuasca. This was actually first brought to my attention by Joe Rogan, through one of his amazing podcasts that he puts on. On that podcast I think we has talking with another great guy Graham Hancock, and they were discussing how this Amazonian potion was unlike any other hallucinate known to mankind. They mentioned how there was wisdom in the drink that helped them to discover uncovered truths about themselves, how they felt, and what they were doing here on earth. After listening to the two of them talk about it for well over an hour I decided to do so more research on what sounded like one of the greatest thinks on earth.

After watching a few documentaries and reading some articles I really became fascinated with ayahuasca and its potential healing effects for earth, and its human inhabitants. ayahuasca is strange brew because its actually produced by taking mixing two random elements of the jungle. Out of the thousands if not millions of variations that exist in the jungle, someone at some point realized that mixing a specific leaf, with a specific vine yields profound effects. How this person discovered this is beyond any modern rational explanation, perhaps it was mere coincidence, but many suggest it was some sort of divine knowingness that shared the recipe for this divine mixture. None the less, the method by which to create this mind altering brew became known, and now it shares its wisdom with those brave enough to experience it.

Scientist and chemist have come to learn that the ayahuasca journey is created by the active ingredient N,N-Dimethyltryptamine (DMT), which is actually present in all of our bodies and thought to be what contributes to us dreaming at night. DMT is isolated and used by people recreationally to experience altered states of consciousness, but the experience is said to last for only a few minutes, and the experience becomes a fleeting memory, just as a dream after you wake.

The ayahuasca journey is a much longer experience than isolated DMT, and has had profound effects on the lives of many. Though its hard to translate a visual experiences into words, there have been some who articulate their journey very well. I recently came across one in National Geographic that describes a gentlemen who upon his journey faced an internal demon that utterly freaked him out, however after some time the fear wore off and the demon was relinquished. These types of experiences seem to be synonymous with ayahuasca, where people encounter inconceivably scary experiences, but after some time experience a release, both from the hallucination and even internal feelings. After people come back from their experience with ayahuasca many describe a feeling of weight being lifted from them, and a greater sense for living. Many mention a wisdom, almost like a female mother who blankets them with love after they have released their personal demons. Often times people make reoccurring trips to the Amazon Jungle to stay with the Shamans and continue their work of relinquishing internal demons and clearing out old wounds. Many addicts and psychologically damaged people, such as veterans, venture into the jungle to release their psychological pain, many of which record success from their experience, and discover a new found joy for life. Though it does not sound like the ayahuasca experience is that enjoyable, the after effects seem to trump the hardships of releasing all the internal wounds.

It seems to be that ayahuasca has a healing property that works to clear emotional and psychological damages that sit dormant in our bodies, and offers a doorway to our deepest feelings. Though the active drug in ayahuasca (DMT) is considered a class 1 drug in the United States (go figure), there are many who advocate for its tremendous healing effects. In fact many religions in the United States have been granted privileges to use ayahuasca in their ceremonies as a religious right.

Though the popularity and advocation for ayahuasca has been steadily increasing because of outspoken people like Joe. People still need to understand what they are getting themselves into, and approach every situation with care and caution. It is recommended that upon any voyage into the greater dimensions of your being, that you ensure you have a good captain and crew, which would be your Shaman and group members. Your normal state of awareness will be altered, so it will be important to have people that you are comfortable with, and can trust. Although I have not yet personally taken the voyage I have written this from the perspective of someone who advocates the experience and believes in its ability to help humanity cope with its current psychological state. My words will be validated once I take the plunge, and I will update you with my experience, once I arrive back to earth plane. Until that time, enjoy invdochat, and enjoy life.


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