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Joe Rogan

Joe Rogan may be the single most influential person amongst today’s spiritually inquisitive generation. Not because he sought that position out, but rather because the universe sought him out. Recently Joe was doing a phone interview from a Phoenix limousine, and had some of the most powerful things to say about today’s world. If you follow Joe, you know that he is an outspoken cat who likes to give his 2 cents about a lot of subjects, which is why I think so many people like him. He is genuinely alive and has a passionate view on the world and the many aspects of our day-to-day reality. In this interview Joe discussed the astral body, and its departure from the physical body when we undergo certain dream states, and even under certain types of hypnosis. A fascinating interview, and unfortunately so distant from our typical mass media malarkey that is made available to us on the television. Thankfully Joe and others like him have pioneered an open discussion for subjects like this via the internet and have contributed to opening the minds of so many.

Coming from a background of comedy, he can be very witty and sarcastic about the topics he covers, poking fun at politicians, scientist and anyone he cares to talk about. Comedy has made Joe very outgoing and brave to talk about taboo subjects, with little fear of what others might think. In fact, after his stint on fear factor, he probably didn’t think most humans had the right to look down on him, for god sakes they were willing to publicly humiliate themselves for a shot at 50k.  With Joe’s comedic humor he was able to bring up topics like aliens, and give his honest thought on them without people having to take him too seriously and get uncomfortable, hell they were supposed to laugh about it. Joe was a great comedian and still is, so if you haven’t seen his stand up do yourself a favor and check it out.

In recent years Joe has gotten more outspoken about spirituality and the dimensional realities of our existence. Via his popular podcast, Joe has shared with the world his authentic views on the non physical aspects of our reality and the undiscussed states of consciousness. With popular spots in documentaries like DMT: The Spirit Molecule and other independent films Joe has intrigued the masses into psychedelics and altered states of reality. Furthermore he has brought up topics of moral responsibility, government, war, economics and more, and has sparked curiosity into a plethora of subjects. Because of Joe the whole float tank industry has boomed, due to him telling the world about his experience at home with his personal tank and the psychedelic phenomena that takes places inside it. Many people look up to Joe and follow his suggestions because he tells it like it is. Not shying away, or quivering from undiscussed topics, he’s not trying to make a name for himself, he just gives his god honest truth, regardless of how it makes people feel. Joe has spoken openly about psychedelic drugs, government lies, political lies, and any and everything else that typically gets people in trouble. But as a popular public figure and a commentator of the UFC Joe gets respect and typically goes unscathed by his bold remarks and opinions he airs weekly.

Joe has helped inspire a generation to ask more questions and believe less lies. He has demonstrated that if you act genuinely according to how you see the world and don’t conform to the popular consensus than people will greatly respect you and admire you. I don’t think Joe acts the way he does for anybody other than himself. I think he followed what he thought was interesting and was passionate about, and didn’t take input from anyone. Though you may not resonate with all that Joe stands for, I think that there is admirable qualities that everyone can find value in, and learn from.

If you’re going to go against the grain you may as well go hard. 

Thank You Joe Rogan for your dedication to yourself, and all that you do – you’re a great role model.



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