Were going to start this off on the right foot here. Mediation may be the single most powerful thing you can do for yourself. So we want to begin all discussions that will manifest on this page with this single idea. All begins and ends with the mind – if you can learn to control it, you can control your destiny. Self responsibility at its finest.

In a world that is overwhelmed with noise and distractions each and every way, quieting the mind has almost become a forgotten art. Television and radios blaring, the sounds of ambulances and cars driving, and persistent thoughts that bombard our minds have drowned out the voice of our inner being. The inner being that withholds all the wisdom, and is connected most centrally to our heart. The person inside of us that knows us the best. That voice of reason inside ourselves that deserves our upmost attention. Quieted, silenced, and often times killed. Not by forces outside ourselves, although certainly perpetuated by them, but ignored, put off and mostly abandoned by our very selves. This power awaits all of us, the power to be the most vibrant versions of ourselves, and all we have to do is claim it, by sitting quietly.

ancient meditation

For ages, societies had understood the power of meditation and had wielded it to their advantage. Diving deep into the vastness of reality and the broader sense of consciousness, they benefited in health, happiness, and peace. Attributing there practice of meditation to much of their success societally. They dove deep into the potentiality of existence and were not bothered by mundane boredom that modern societies are effected by which leads to war and anger.

The attraction of material goods was mostly non existent in these societies. They were fulfilled by a greater sense of purpose that made materialism irrelevant. They understood that they had everything they will ever need and that shiny objects were irrelevant to their eternal being.

Worlds away from current societies that are rooted in materialism. The timeless practice of meditation brought them closer to all that is, and left little time for less meaningful enterprises.


As we approach a time in history where capitalism has brought us to the precipice of materialism and there appears to be no sign of material regression. A time when our relationship with nature is hostile and the environment is lashing out at its human inhabitants. There seems only one solution could prevent the destructive trajectory we have embarked on.

Entire disconnection. 

From the noise, the thoughts, the chaos. So we can sit still in the present reality, and make decisions based on truth. And not produce reactions based on other chaotic actions.


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