Initial Words

Glad that you found invdocat, and glad that it found you. I hope your experience here is as meaningful as it is to us. invdochat is a culmination of interests, passion, exploration, and adventure. It may not seem like there is a rhyme, but there is a reason. Here at invdochat we want to bring you topics and ideas that stand out in our modern day. Things that are a little off the cuff, but ought to be directly in the lime light. We want to bring the focus of media away from distraction and onto interaction.

On this platform we will cover topics of global affairs, health, imagination, creativity and the lot. In an effort to amplify the power that resides in all of us, and to highlight the majesty of this universe we exist in. We will not take dull, meaningless and hopeless answers. We will empower ourselves to with hold all potentialities in the palm of our hands. Seeking and waiting on no one. You are all you will ever need, and all you have to do is remember this.

Lets begin.

wave energy

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