It all started with sound

It is becoming common thought among certain scientists theses days that sound is the predecessor to matter. That objects are the way they are, and take the shape that they do, based on sound. That means sound actually assembles matter through its resonance. The study of this is subject is referred to as cymatics. There are wonderful videos out there that give you a visual of this process, and its rather astonishing, and I will bring you some of these videos in weeks to come. For this segment I wanted to first share with you the history of sound, and give you some context before you get consumed in the visuals.

Invdochat came across this video a year or so ago, and it still reins as one of our favorite vidoes, concise and to the point. It lays out the fundamentals of sound and makes you realize sound is a much bigger deal than our music teacher ever made it out to be.

Since sound is so powerful by nature and so embedded in the fabric of reality. We must approach it with respect and awareness. Blasting lady gaga and katy perry 24 hours a day may not be as beneficial as you think.

Since proportions are such an intricate aspect of our reality (Fibonacci spiral), and work to create the beauty that surrounds us in nature. And music that takes on these same proportions are acoustically beautiful to our ears. Could dis-harmonic patterns in music actually work against us? Are we missing out fullest potential, by not aligning with harmonic patterns in music that mimic the very structure of the universe?

If your familiar with Dr. Emoto’s Study on water. Than you realize that music, imprints patterns into water. And the more complex the music, the more complex the pattern.

Are intricate patterns in music able to open up channels and patterns in the brain and body that can make us healthier, wiser, and more able. Here at invdochat we believe that we are the beginning of understanding the power of sound. Keep an eye out for future article where we will discuss, tibetan bowels, shamanic resonance and levitation, subjects that all pertain to sounds.

Listen – and you will see.


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