Dr. Emoto

Water’s Message

If you are unfamiliar with Dr. Emoto, then let me spend a few minutes bringing you up to speed. Dr. Masaru Emoto is a japanese researcher who is most known for his work with water. He was curious to discover what, if any, effect positive and negative thoughts would have on water. Although not accepted by mainstream science, Emoto during his research came across paradigm altering findings. Not only did he find that thoughts, words and music have an effect on water, but they were out of this world.

Performing various studies with different variables, Emoto concluded that water by its very nature is receptive to its environment, and the words, sounds and thoughts that inhabit it. Below you can see a few of the results from the experiment.

dr emoto water experiment

Testing a variety of words, thoughts and music, you can see that there resonance in the water is profound. By exposing small amounts of water to certain words and music, and then freezing the water, Emoto was left with ice formations that took on varying shapes and appearances. He found that water exposed to the sounds of mozart crystalized much more complex and intricate than the crystals formed by words of hate.

Through this study it became apparent that the words we speak and the music we hear plays a profound effect on our body and brains.. Being that we are made up of over 70% water, we are penetrated and shaped by the words and sounds that constantly surround us. Whether its what we say to each other, what we listen to on the radio and television or what we read.

To read more on this subject check out a great book about his study The Hidden Messages in Water.

The universe is far from mundane. And there is always more to learn.

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